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Acryl Gel White 30ml

Divine Nails Acryl Gel White is a revolutionary top-quality acryl gel of the latest formulations.
Acryl Gel White 30ml

Acryl gel is of high viscosity, which makes it extremely easy to model and shape and is suitable for shorter or longer nails of all shapes. It can also be used for built gel techniques. After polymerization, the gel is solid but remains flexible and very easy to file.

TIP: In addition to Acryl Gel White, we also recommend using the Acryl Gel brush with a spatula at the other end. The bristles of the brush are carefully selected and shaped for even easier work. Acryl Gel White is not suitable for working with glitters.

METHOD OF USE: Be sure to use Acryl Gel Drops with Acryl Gel White, which will allow you to shape the acryl gel. After preparing a natural nail, use also Acid Free Primer and a thin layer of Building Base Universal. Using a spatula, apply the desired amount of acryl gel to the nail, dip the brush into the Acryl Gel Drops fluid and start shaping. After shaping the nails, cure them in a lamp, wipe the dispersion layer off and you can start filing.

Curing time: 2 min UV / 90 sec LED


Isopropylidenediphenyl Bisoxyhydroxypropyl Acrylate, Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate, Polyurethane Crosspolymer-2, Di-HEMA Trimethyl Dicarbamate, Triethylene Glycol Diacrylat, CI 77891, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide, p-Hydroxyanisole, Hydroquinone